Lodomond – The Book

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Language: english
Format: PDF
Page Format: 8×10″
Pages: 36

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Enter the wacky world of Lodomond the statistician and his neurotic parrot Finni as they navigate an upside down world.

In this breathtaking reversal of sanity, the once-democratic norm has given way to authoritarian rule. A self-absorbed hobby general has the reins of power firmly in his hands – or maybe not? Facts and figures are for beginners – now patriotism, emotions and some scrupulously dispossessed egos rule the scene.

But that’s not all! Behavioral creativity and mental abysses are on the agenda. And believe it or not, a supposed miracle elixir is distilled from sock juice – what for? There are only vague guesses.

Join whimsical characters on a mind-bending odyssey through a world of mentally deficient controlled madness. But be careful! Rationality and logic are redefined here. Immerse yourself in a world so whimsical yet realistic you’ll wonder if you’ve landed in it yourself.

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  Lodomond (Amazon Print-version)

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